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Analysis of the reasons for the weak and unstable feeding of the vibrating plate

Vibration plate vibration is weak or too slow, sporadic or irregular feeding, may be caused by the following reasons:
1. The spring piece breaks, which requires replacing the new spring piece and debugging until the machine is stable.
2. The bottom plate is too thin.
3. Defects in the installation of the countertop, lack of hardness. If it is suspended on the equipment table, it will cause the vibration to be too weak. The thickness of the table should be at least 1-1/2, so that it will not absorb vibration. The cylindrical legs must be equipped with triangular support pieces.
4. The countertop is not level.
5. There are debris in the vibration plate.
6. The electromagnet gap is not suitable.
7. The machine is too fast to cause the parts to slip in the vibrating plate.
8, too much material.
9. The grid fluctuation causes the voltage to be unstable.
10. Part problem: Irregular parts or oily reasons.
11. The vibration plate is improperly adjusted.

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